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The Ayathana Sangrahaya Sinhala is the most comprehensive, authentic, and authoritative list of the Buddhist scriptures in the Sri Lankan language with English translations. The book has been translated into many languages including German, Japanese, French, Hindi and Dutch. It contains more than 2 000 titles with no repetitions. A vast proportion of these are classics that scholars have found helpful for understanding Buddhist scriptures. It also includes shorter works like stories and poems that can be read at one sitting or digested over a period of time. The volumes also contain summaries and explanations of key Buddhist doctrines. Clinical and non-clinical grounds:The book contains information about the Theravada and Mahayana traditions, Abhidhamma Pitaka, Mahavamsa, Vimuttimagga, Abhidhānappadikāya (維樂本草) and other scripts like the Cula-Nibbedhika (離念訣), Pāli Nikayas, Chinese Tripitika and Tibetan treasures. The book is in Sinhala language with English translations. It covers the Pali canon, Nikayas including Majjhima Nikaya, Aṅguttara Nikaya, Khuddaka Nikaya, Sutta Pitaka and Suttanipata. It also includes Abhidhamma Pitikas and Abhidhānappadikika of Buddhaghosa.A comprehensive overview of the following are covered in this book: The preface of the book gives the views on different Buddhist traditions. 1. The Sinhala version has been translated into many languages including German, Japanese , French , Hindi and Dutch . 2. The English version has been translated into French and Dutch. Both translations have been published by the Pali Text Society . 3. Details for the German translation can be found in the Deutsches Buddhistisches Institut website 4. In 2010, a new translation to Tamil language was released by Malaysia-based NGO Sathya Sarin International Foundation [SIF] [1]. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]. 5. A new digital version on CD-Rom is available. The text has been released in printed form by the Buddhist Publication Society in Kandy, Sri Lanka on 15 May 1964 (BPS, 1981). The publisher has made it available on the internet via the Access to Insight Web site, free of charge. The text is also available on some other websites for free download. An English translation is also available in the same site with links to some other translations in French and German languages. eccc085e13

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